Ingredient Handling & Mixing

Ingredient handling is the operational activities involved in the receipt, transport/conveying, storage, scaling and dosage of ingredients for the manufacture of bakery products, prior to mixing. Once this is done the ingredients are deposited into the mixing bowl for mixing under presssure or vacuum. Mixing involves stirring, beating, blending, binding and folding mechanical actions that occur within the bowl.

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Benier Mechanical Dough Developer

Dough Dividing

Dough Dividing is the accurate dough cutting and portioning into correctly sized and weighed dough pieces for better handling and manipulation in the continued dough process.

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Rounding is shaping of the dough into a ball for easier handling and manipulation.

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First Proofing

Final Proofing called final fermentation, is the specific term for allowing dough to rise after it has been shaped and before it is baked, allowing it to rest for a set time.

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Moulding is the final stage in the dough make allowing the dough to be shaped and formed after discharging all the air.

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Dough Sheeting

Dough Sheeting is used by industrial bakers to roll out dough in a continuous sheet to the desired thickness.

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Brenier Sheeting Line for Tin Bread Brochure     Download.pdf

DrieM Sheeting Line for Cut & Moulded Products Brochure    Download.pdf

Four Piecing

Four Piecing is cutting the dough into four equal pieces and turning it to lay 90 degrees to each other within the baking tin for maximising dough crumb structure effect.

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Final Proofing called final fermentation and is the specific term for allowing dough to rise after it has been shaped and before it is baked allowing it to rest for a set time.

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Baking is the final step in the bread making process. It can be a surface, thermal or convection process that uses (direct and indirect heat) in an oven, which transfers heat to the dough pieces. This comprises travelling tunnel ovens and various thermal and rack combinations.

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Bread Cooling & Conditioning is an efficient air distribution system where rapid heat extraction from the product occurs, whilst maintaining ideal moisture retention in the product.

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Kaak Spirals

Kaak Spiral – Belt Washer

Automatic Cleaning of Your Spiral – CIP System

Cooling – Kaak Spirals

Kaak Spiral System – Easy to Access and Clean

Kaak Spirals – Multi Spiral System

Model Production Line Solutions (Semi Automated to Fully Automated) have been developed with major fast moving consumable products such as Bread, Pizza and Baguettes.

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Tinned Bread

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Baguette Lines

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Flexi Bread Lines

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Pizza Ball Lines

High-Speed Mixer Pizza Ball Line Brochure    Download.pdf

Basic Industrial Pizza Ball Line Brochure  Download.pdf

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Rusk Lines

A range of customised bakeware products tailored for customers product requirements and specifications.

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