Integration Simplified

In 2005 Mechatronics SA was founded by Andrew Ferrao. His fascination for computers, passion for solving problems using the latest technology, some programming experience and an extraordinary ability to build lasting business relationships fuelled this venture. Simply put – productivity, plant availability and performance is what we sell. 

Although projects started in the automotive industry, by 2011, Mechatronics identified bakeries as their area of focus, opened offices in Pretoria and the game suddenly changed. By 2012, they acquired sole distribution rights for Kaak – the global leader in baking machinery – throughout the Pan-African region. This allowed them to further their competencies within the baking industry and establish their niche. They were involved in several projects throughout Africa, Europe, America and Asia. In 2017, they opened their state-of-the-art production facility in Port Elizabeth and employ some of the top mechanical designers, PLC programmers, robot programmers, electricians, project managers, installation managers and artisans. Employees often start as interns and are groomed for more senior positions.  

Today, Mechatronics specialise in FMCG production facilities and offer turnkey solutions in numerous countries throughout Africa with plans for further expansion. Although they continue to grow, the heart of the company, the loyalty, drive for innovation, superior customer and supplier relationships still remain at the very core of their existence.


At Mechatronics, we believe that the first step in creating an effective solution starts with listening to our clients. We give you our undivided attention and work closely with you to discover your problem and hear where the bottlenecks, the inefficiencies and the challenges lie.

Once we have listened to you, we take the learnings to explore potential solutions. Our technical experts and design team work together to explore possible solutions that can be implemented. The potential concepts are discussed with our clients and once it seems like a feasible solution, it is handed to our design team. The functional description which details all processes is outlined.

The design department is seen as the heart of Mechatronics SA. It is what sets us apart and allows us to create solutions that aid your bottom line, improves efficiency and is cost effective. Innovation and creativity are encouraged, and our designers are given the freedom to push beyond what has been done before to take your business into the future.

Once the designs have been signed off or the 2D layout has been supplied by the client, the quotation for the project is crafted. Each quote is handled on an individual basis and turnkey solutions are quoted in meticulous detail. We leverage our supplier relationships to get the best possible price for you.

When the quotation is accepted, we procure the parts or machines needed to complete the project. Our strong supplier relationships help us get the best possible deals for our clients. The unique parts are manufactured by our world-class artisans in our Manufacturing facility located in Port Elizabeth.

The best plans can be designed, however, without proper implementation even those will fail. Project implementation is our speciality and our PLC programmers spend time on the production line to ensure that the parts are properly implemented.

Our technical support team provides superior after sales service. We help iron out inefficiencies will work with you to remove any unnecessary steps in the operations process. Additionally, our artisans and technicians help maintain the production line so that you can get the best possible life out of your machines.



To help you grow. Efficiently, effectively and sustainably.


To increase productivity, plant availability and performance. 


Making the complicated simple and providing the most efficient automated solutions.


Our Partnerships

Strong strategic partnerships with leading global brands.

Our Experience

Fifteen years’ experience in FMCG, Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Packaging Industries.

Our Expertise

Experts in automation projects from concept to completion.

Our Footprint

Established footprint within South Africa enabling easier reach into Africa.

Our Solutions

Designers of the best customised solutions tailor made to fit customer requirements.

Our Integration

Seamless back-office integration within Mechatronics to provide you the best solutions.